TRACKPACK/E: kleine Tracking-Kamera für beengte Platzverhältnisse und leistungsstark.


Best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes

TRACKPACK/E camera is our best solution for medium-sized tracking volumes with a respectable frustum volume of 60m³. It is compatible with ARTTRACK5 and ARTTRACK5/C, and users can add up to 8 cameras to one ART Controller.


  • economical solution for applications with lower
    frame rate and latency requirements
  • highly precise tracking for objects up to 4.5 m distance
  • wide field of view – track into the corners
  • full ART quality: install once, run for years

Please note: End of sale for TRACKPACK/E camera
Since 2015 TRACKPACK/E has been our bestseller for medium sized tracking areas, right from the start! With more than 2.400 units sold TRACKPACK/E has had a very successful lifetime. The last devices have just been ordered and will be sent out to our customers shortly.

It's time to make space for its successor: ARTTRACK6/M is already waiting in the wings. Check it out here.

Service & Support: TRACKPACK/E cameras will remain repairable until December 2026 however, we reserve the right to provide other solutions for individual cases (e.g. replacement with an equivalent used model, etc.).

Technical data