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Tool Tracking Technologies by ART

...can support and optimize your production process

An accurate and reliable monitoring of your production process will save you time and money: Problems and errors are spotted at an early stage, and you can intervene and avoid further damage.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It isn’t!

We at Advanced Realtime Tracking can provide you with these exact solutions: You can optimize your processes by using our three technologies:


Our DTRACK system tracks the position of a tool with marker. For instance, it determines where the tool is being used in the assembly process. A separate application software notes correct positions of the tool on the work schedule.

Our object-detection solution CAPTA works marker-less with a camera system that views the assembly area. It detects and documents the position of a tool and tracks it. The best part of all: CAPTA also identifies work points even in hidden places!

Our localization solution VERPOSE® is a camera-based system for hand-held assembly tools. Its intelligent image analysis software detects predefined assembly positions instantly.

Technologies can also be combined!      

As you can see: You can optimize your production steps and avoid mistakes with our sophisticated and industrial proven technologies. Even more: Our technologies can ensure that assembly sequences will be correctly performed.

Let’s start tracking with Advanced Realtime Tracking!


Detecting and eliminating paintwork anomalies of car parts in the production process

In cooperation with our partner Extend3D from Munich we achieved a fantastic solution by combining ART Tool Tracking with Extend3D laser projection:

In this example we look at a production line of a car manufacturer, where car parts or complete car bodies just have been painted and then have to be controlled for any anomalies or unintended features such as nibs, craters, etc..:

  • In a first step, areas that may need to be reworked are identified by an automated inspection.
  • With the help of Extend3D's dynamic laser projection, CAD data, work instructions, 3D measurement protocols or other important information can be displayed correctly and precisely, directly on the workpiece - even while it is moving. Thus, the worker can see exactly where he needs to attach which component or what he needs to touch up (in our example, paintwork areas to be touched up are shown on the vehicle part).
  • The ART tool tracking can then be used to determine whether the right action was carried out with the right tool in the right position (in this case the painting process).
  • By being able to display information about the work steps, the system supports the worker and makes his work considerably easier. The combined ART/Extend3D solution achieves a time-saving, total defect control!      

"ART's localization expertise together with our in-depth knowledge of dynamic projection solutions has opened up new possibilities: Through the combination of 3D visualization with tool tracking, we have achieved for the first time a solution that seamlessly and bi-directionally links analogue and digital elements with a spatial reference to the work item. This digitization also makes a 100% digital twin possible for processes comprising manual work steps."  Dr. Peter Keitler, CEO of Extend3D

System installation

The systems are firmly integrated into the working environment and fully automated via an OPC UA interface. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the numbers of devices have to be adapted.

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