Illustration of production line

Tool Tracking Technologies by ART

...can support and optimize your production process

Imagine: Your entire production process is breezing along. It is being tracked. Problems are spotted at an early stage, and you achieve a complete monitoring of the entire operation.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It isn’t!

We at Advanced Realtime Tracking can provide you with these exact solutions: You can optimize your processes by using our three technologies:

Markerbased optical tracking, CAPTA and VERPOSE

Our marker-based optical tracking system tracks the position of a tool. For instance, it determines where the tool is being used in the assembly process. A separate application software notes correct positions of the tool on the work schedule. 

Our marker-less object-detection solution CAPTA works with a camera system that views the assembly area. It detects and documents the position of a tool and tracks it. The best part of all: CAPTA also identifies work points even in hidden places!

Our localization solution VERPOSE® is a camera-based system for hand-held assembly tools. Its intelligent image analysis software detects predefined assembly positions instantly. Even more: The application software can ensure that assembly sequences will be correctly performed.

Technologies can also be combined!

As you can see: You can optimize your production steps and avoid mistakes with our sophisticated technologies.

Let’s start tracking with Advanced Realtime Tracking!