VRgineers-Simulatoren arbeiten oft mit einem ART-Tracking-System

ART and Full Motion Simulator

Looking for a compact, easy to use and neat tracking device for your space-limited simulation application?

SMARTTRACK3/M is THE all-in-one tracking system optimized for such use cases! It works with passive markers (we can do active, too), so no wires to the tracked helmet are required any more. It can even work with flat markers (stickers) if required. With a proper marker placement, the possible turning angles and tracking distances are extremely large.  As a further advantage, SMARTTRACK3/M can track up to 10 objects simultaneously, e.g. two helmets in a side-by-side cockpit! The system has an integrated controller and is powered over the Ethernet.

Convincing advantages of SMARTTRACK3/M for your simulation application:

  • supports spherical, flat and active markers and is thus not technically limited like other tracking devices on the market.
  • supports clip-on targets for helmets without wires or batteries (passive)
  • comes in a compact housing with multiple solid mounting options
  • also works under moderate vibrations and shocks
  • achieves a low latency (like its sister model SMARTTRACK3)
  • is available in two different optics: super wide angle and normal angle (like ARTTRACK6/M)
  • allows tracking on very short distance (<15cm)
  • can track up to 10 objects simultaneously
  • provides:
    • a frame rate of up to 240Hz
    • a rotation angle of up to 360 ° (when using suitable targets)
  • can be connected to all DTRACK-supported software packages, including Unity, Unreal and VRPN