ART Products

Tracking systems

All ART cameras have been designed specifically for installation into complex systems where space is limited. We offer 3 main tracking camera systems in order to fulfill customers’ needs: The ARTTRACK system for high requirements, the TRACKPACK system for middle sized tracking volumes and the SMARTTRACK for smaller or mobile solutions.


To interact with the Virtual Reality special devices are necessary. With those it is for example possible to walk through rooms or to have a look at each side of a virtual object. ART provides several interaction devices for use in Virtual Reality projections.

Markers & Targets

In order to capture objects by the infrared rays of our cameras, the objects have to be equipped by markers and targets. ART offers different types such as active, passive, flat or spherical markers, as well as glasses targets, hand & tree targets up to full Motion Capture target sets.


The “heart” of any ART tracking system controlling all functions and performing all necessary calculations is our self developed DTrack2 software, continuously advanced with new useful features and upgrades.


Applications for realtime tracking

Virtual Reality

Creating a computer generated world for many purposes more

Motion Capture

Full body tracking of people for ergonomic assessments more

Augmented Reality

Combining the physical with the virtual world in a very precise way more

Wichita State University, USA
University of Gdansk, Poland
Audi, Germany
Fendt, Marktoberdorf, Germany
Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Flugsicherung, Frankfurt, Germany

NETe2 Asia
Schneider Digital